Trepes, Murray will vie for Royall School Board seat

Incumbent Tom Trepes and challenger Melissa Murray will compete for a Royall School Board spot in the April 4 election, acquiring 195 and 198 votes, respectively, in Tuesday’s primary. 

Challenger Melissa Miller received 167 votes. 

The following is a breakdown by municipality. 

• City of Elroy — Melissa Murray, 66; Melissa Miller, 58; and Tom Trepes, 46

• Village of Kendall — Melissa Murray, 22; Melissa Miller, 20; and Tom Trepes, 17

• Town of Clifton — Tom Trepes, 21; Melissa Murray, 12 and Melissa Miller, 7

• Town of Glendale —Tom Trepes, 56; Melissa Murray, 49; and Melissa Miller, 21

• Town of Hillsboro — Melissa Miller, 3; Tom Trepes, 2; and Melissa Murray, 0

• Town of Plymouth — Melissa Miller, 47; Melissa Murray, 30; and Tom Trepes, 30

• Town of Wellington — Melissa Murray, 10; Tom Trepes, 5; and Melissa Miller, 4

• Town of Wilton — Tom Trepes, 2; Melissa Miller, 2; and Melissa Murray, 1

• Town of Wonewoc — Tom Trepes, 16; Melissa Murray, 8; and Melissa Miller, 7

Wisconsin Supreme Court primary

The following are unofficial election results from Tuesday’s Wisconsin Supreme Court primary. Janet C. Protasiewicz and Daniel Kelly will face off in the general election April 4 

• Village of Kendall — Janet C. Protasiewicz, 24; Daniel Kelly, 22; Jennifer R. Dorow, 9; and Everett D. Mitchell, 3

• Village of Norwalk — Janet C. Protasiewicz, 23; Daniel Kelly, 19; Jennifer R. Dorow, 12; and Everett D. Mitchell, 0

• Village of Ontario — Daniel Kelly, 21; Janet C. Protasiewicz, 14; Jennifer R Dorow, 5; and Everett D. Mitchell, 0

• Village of Wilton — Janet C. Protasiewicz, 29; Daniel Kelly, 17; Jennifer R. Dorow, 3; and Everett D. Mitchell, 1

• City of Elroy — Janet C. Protasiewicz, 88; Daniel Kelly, 43; Jennifer R. Dorow, 34; and Everett D. Mitchell, 11

• Town of Clifton — Janet C. Protasiewicz, 40; Daniel Kelly, 31; Jennifer R. Dorow, 13; and Everett D. Mitchell, 3

• Town of Forest — Daniel Kelly, 37; Janet C. Protasiewicz, 29; Jennifer R. Dorow, 12; and Everett D. Mitchell, 3

• Town of Glendale — Daniel Kelly, 60; Janet C. Protasiewicz, 47; Jennifer R. Dorow, 18; and Everett D. Mitchell, 4

• Town of Ridgeville — Janet C. Protasiewicz, 36; Daniel Kelly, 32; Jennifer R. Dorow, 9; and Everett D. Mitchell, 4

• Town of Sheldon — Daniel Kelly, 39; Jennifer R. Dorow, 12; Janet C. Protasiewicz, 11; and Everett D. Mitchell, 1

• Town of Wellington — Janet C. Protasiewicz, 38; Daniel Kelly, 19; Jennifer R. Dorow, 10; and Everett D. Mitchell, 5

• Town of Whitestown — Daniel Kelly, 53; Janet C. Protasiewicz, 40; Everett D. Mitchell 9; and Jennifer R. Durow, 2

• Town of Wilton — Daniel Kelly, 31; Janet C. Protasiewicz, 21; Jennifer R. Dorow, 4; and Everett D. Mitchell, 1

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