The first week of November 2022 is history, and we are looking forward to a busy week ahead. By the time you read this, the gubernatorial election will also be history, and depending on who you voted for, you are either rejoicing or disgruntled. If you voted, you can complain only if your candidates didn’t win, and we all will have to live with the result until the next election. Whatever, time marches on.

Last Tuesday I joined the Town of Glendale election inspectors for the public test to get ready for the election. On Thursday afternoon, I was busy setting up our women’s ministries table at the Kendall Community Hall for the Kendall Holiday Fair with the help of Raye and Marie Walz and Christopher Young. I spent Friday and Saturday selling Rada Cutlery, along with crafts and baked goods. On Saturday, Jani Bolstad helped me, and at about noon, I was surprised when my niece Leanne La Valle and great-niece Alison Dorval of Racine showed up at our table. After packing up at 2 p.m., the gals and I headed for home, and then went to the Tabor Bar & Grill for supper. On Sunday after church, Christopher joined me as we went to Mauston to meet the nieces at Park Oasis Family Restaurant for brunch before they had to head back home. 

On Tuesday, Debbie Parkhurst took her mom Mary to Ontario to visit her sister Myrtle Melvin. On Thursday morning, Debbie left for her home in Lexington, Ky., and in the afternoon, Rick Suhr of Mauston visited Mary for a couple of hours.

As we travel the highways and byways, we’ve noticed that the fall harvest has been in full swing up until the rains this past weekend. Roland Koenig has been busy getting his corn and soybeans taken care of and hopes to be finished this week, weather permitting.

Lynette Vlasak and Sally Dana met with the Kendall Gathering Committee at the library Wednesday and ordered pizza from Hidden Inn. Later, Sally stayed to play mahjong with the usual crew. On Thursday, Sally lunched at the Senior Dining Center, and then attended the St. John’s Ladies Aid at the church. Lynette joined the Hillsboro Retired Teachers for lunch at the Hillsboro Brewing Company, and on Friday she had lunch at Flippy’s in Kendall with Pat Knoll of Dalton, Ga., and Louise Zirk.  Sometime Thursday, she and Sally managed to get their library table set up at the Kendall Holiday Fair. They had their library table next to mine.

On my Navigators calendar for November is a quote from Jeremiah 17, verses 7 and 8, in the Old Testament, “Blessed are those who have made the Lord their hope and confidence. They are like trees planted near a stream with roots that reach deep into the water. They are not bothered by heat or drought. Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit.” 

As I read this each day, I am reminded that God has planted me in this little corner of His creation to be a bearer of fruit, and I pray for His guidance in my life. Amen.