As usual, March keeps us guessing what to wear each day. Will we be in the teens temperature-wise, or hopefully in the 40s, or maybe even up to 50? Whatever, we can’t put away our long underwear yet, even though the forecast for this current week is for warmer temps. However, it’s still possible for a late March snowstorm to pile 6 or 8 inches on us, or perhaps even more. It has happened. Only time will tell. Anyway, read on for our latest activities.

One day last week, Christopher Young and kids August, Truth and Felicity joined me for lunch at Club Chapparal, and then we went shopping in Reedsburg to see if we could find something we couldn’t live without. On Friday it was supper with the Young family, and on Sunday we met at Flippy’s Bar and Grill in Kendall for its delicious Sunday brunch.

Arlene Garvens had a meeting with the KTY Jun Quilt Guild at the Methodist church in Mauston on Saturday and enjoyed the fellowship with her fellow quilters.

On Friday morning, the Marty family was at the Kohl Center in Madison, and they sadly watched the Royall basketball team lose its first game in the state tournament. The next day, they attended Brett’s regional wrestling tournament in Westby. On Sunday after church, they breakfasted at Flippy’s, and then Mary went to Holmen High School to see a friend’s daughter perform in the musical “Back to the 80s”.

Allan and Heather Vlasak got away from home on Monday and went to La Crosse, where Allan had an appointment at the Grand Rivers Dental office.

Monday was pet-care day for Lynette Vlasak and Sally Dana, who they took their dog Wally to the vet in Reedsburg for surgery. On Wednesday, Lynette attended the visitation for Alice Brooks at Grace Lutheran Church in Elroy, and Sally played mahjong with her pals. On Friday morning, the gals joined the Royall fans at the state basketball tournament in Madison. Lisa Goostree of Baraboo, Wis., joined the gals for Sunday brunch at Flippy’s after church. 

On Sunday the Evangelical Free Church in Kendall had a guest speaker, Kevin Looye, who spoke on I Corinthians 13, the great love chapter. It is only 13 verses long, and if everyone with a translation of the Holy Bible in their language would read and take the message to heart, what a peaceful world we would have with all of us obeying Jesus’ admonishment to love our neighbor as ourselves. If I love you, I’m not going to go to war with you or try to harm you in any way. What a lovely world it would be.