The past week was busier than usual. Does this mean that spring is finally arriving? The weather surely doesn’t seem to know about it if it is. I can remember past March weathers when we were up to our noses in snow, and as I write this on Monday morning, I can see a few tiny flakes floating around, and my computer tells me that it feels colder outside. Oh, well — this is Wisconsin. On with the news.

On Tuesday, Sally Dana was accompanied by Mariane Wiedenbach of Viroqua and Julie Allen of Portland, Ore., to her appointment at UW Madison Hospital while Lynette Vlasak took the opportunity to get in some necessary shopping. On Wednesday the four gals attended the Hill Country Belles Red Hats get-together at Borgen’s Café in Westby. On Thursday, Julie headed to La Crosse to go to Minneapolis for her flight home. On Friday Sally was at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Hillsboro for an infusion. 

On Sunday after church, Allan and Heather Vlasak were joined by Lynette Vlasak for the corned beef and cabbage dinner at Flippy’s Bar & Grill in Kendall in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Chip and Mary Marty and family spent the weekend in Westby at the wrestling regionals, where the top three went on to state. Mya placed third in her division, and next week, she will be in Madison to compete in her class. Congratulations, girl! Way to go! 

Fauska’s Funny Farm was pretty quiet early in the week, until Wednesday, when Mary Roets picked me up to go to the Hill Country Belles Red Hats at Borgen’s Cafe in Westby, That evening, Christopher Young of Hillsboro and I attended the Lenten service in Wonewoc at the former United Methodist Church, now Grace Community Church.

Although I spent the rest of the week hibernating until Sunday morning, Christopher went to hear Dan Kouba and Erick Mobley perform at Station 2 in Hillsboro on Saturday evening and the next night attended the open mic at Let’s Shine in Hillsboro. After church Sunday, Christopher met me at Flippy’s in Kendall, and we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a group of friends from the area.

This coming Sunday, we will celebrate Palm Sunday in commemoration of Jesus’ arrival in Bethlehem where He spent the last week of His earthly life. It is a blessed time in the lives of Christians everywhere as we remember the teachings of that week and the events surrounding them. The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the New Testament of the Holy Bible give vivid accounts of Jesus’ life, from His birth until His death on the cross and His resurrection on Easter Sunday. We grieve for His cruel death, but we rejoice at His miraculous Resurrection. He didn’t stay in the grave; we serve a risen Savior. Hallelujah!