It’s Monday morning again, and here I sit at the keyboard, trying to think of something interesting to open this column with. To be correct, I should’ve said something interesting with which to open the column. Since I didn’t major in English, perhaps I may be excused for my poor sentence structure. My apologies to any English teachers out there.

On to the news. Steve Schumann and Deb were at Tabor Bar & Grill on Saturday evening, helping family members serve the throng gathered to enjoy some good food and fellowship.

Last Monday evening, Christopher Young of Hillsboro and I enjoyed the concert on the Wonewoc Public Library lawn as Leah Rachuj entertained us with her songs. The rest of the week was rather quiet for a change until Thursday, when we went to La Crosse to pick up Christopher’s new car. On Friday evening, we were at St. John’s Church in Kendall to see the movie “American Underdog,” the true story of Kurt Warner’s struggle to rise to become a professional football player. On Saturday evening, Christopher and I with his son Kit were among those folks having a good meal at Tabor Bar & Grill. On Sunday after church, Dave and Pam Strike joined me for brunch at the Elroy Eatery.

As we drove past Mary Parkhurst’s Saturday afternoon, we noticed a lot of cars parked at her place. When I called her Sunday evening, I found out that she was enjoying a family get-together. Daughter Debbie of Lexington, Ky., had been spending the week with her mother, and on Saturday, grandson Guy and wife Amy of Janesville came up to help feed the group with a cookout from the grill. Guy’s parents Randy and Sandy Parkhurst of Orfordville, Wis., were there, plus niece Ginger Parkhurst of Lone Rock, Wis.; Joe and Gina Flister and kids of Janesville; Steven Lindloff of Arbor Vitae, Wis.; Mary’s sister, Myrtle Melvin of Ontario; and her brother Frankie Winchel, who lives just around the corner.

Allan and Heather Vlasak have been married for 51 years, and on Sunday they celebrated with a trip to Tomah for dinner at the China Buffet. It was just the two love birds having a good time together.

Last Monday, Lynette Vlasak and Sally Dana were in Baraboo and visited Lisa Goostree. On Tuesday the gals attended the Lions meeting at the Pony Express Supper Club in Kendall. On Thursday, Lynette joined the Hillsboro Retired Teachers get-together at the Hillsboro Brewing Company. On Friday the Kendall Gathering and All-School Reunion committee met at the Pony Express to fine tune the plans for the Labor Day celebration. Saturday’s event has been changed, and the fun will begin at 11 a.m. and continue until everyone has had all the joy they can hold for the day as they look forward to the parade on Sunday.

On Friday evening, Lynette and Sally hosted the movie “American Underdog” at St. John’s Fellowship Hall, with Joyce Thonesen helping to provide the popcorn and beverages. On Saturday the gals were at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church up on South Ridge, helping Hazel Pasch celebrate her 90th birthday. Congratulations on being a nonagenarian, Hazel. On Sunday it was down to Johnnycake Hollow and The Ranch for a visit with family.

Sometimes we may wonder why God has put us on His earth. In the beginning, He made a perfect world, but man’s disobedience spoiled it with sin, and we continue to reap the results of our folly. However, here we are, and the Lord is still in control even when it doesn’t seem like it. The one thing that we all can do is follow Jesus’ example as it says in the New Testament Book Of Mark, Chapter 10, verse 45, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve … ” and we were put here to serve each other in any way we can. If everyone did that, what a blessed life we would have. End of sermon. Amen.