By KELLY LUPTON | Wilton Public Library director

September kicks off at the end of this week, and it also starts Library Card Sign-Up Month. Libraries have a lot of recognition months and weeks built into the year, and we need them. We mostly silently do our work and help as many people as we can every day, but more often than not, people aren’t exactly sure what we do and assume that we just lend out books. It is completely untrue. We do a lot more than lend books. We lend:

New library cards are available at the Wilton Public Library. (Contributed photo)

• Books

• Movies

• Computers

• Magazines 

• Board games

• Jigsaw puzzles

• STEM kits (kids’ educational needs)

• Toys

We also do all this too:

• Host book clubs

• Host writing clubs

• Host Lego clubs

• Host board-game clubs

• Host crafting clubs/events

• Help people search for jobs

• Help connect people to services they need

• Host author events

• Host holiday events

• Host current-event groups

• Help people understand their technology 

• Help people learn new skills for business and jobs

• Help people find new interests or brush up on an old one

And we also offer:

• Audiobooks

• Steaming services

• Online dictionaries

• Online encyclopedias

• Newspapers (some are online, and some can be read in the library)

And I am sure there is so much more that we do, but this is what comes to me off the top of my head.

So, if you know anyone who needs anything listed above or even not listed above, send them to your library and tell them that they need to sign up for a library card, and then use it to check out anyone of these awesome services. Plus, it doesn’t cost them anything. Public libraries are free to use. And, if we don’t have the specific thing you want, we’ll look for it at other libraries. We will borrow whatever it is so you can borrow whatever it is. 

I have already mentioned it before, but this simple act is the No. 1 way to show your support for your library. And that simple act is free and opens so many doors to education, knowledge, and entertainment. Come in and sign up for your library card.

Plus, I ordered some in anticipation of Library Card Sign-Up Month. I had no idea that the smallest box I could get was 550 cards. This means we need about one-fourth of our service area, Wilton and the surrounding townships, to come in and take one.

Thank you for getting this far. Now let’s get everyone into the library and sign up for a card.