The following Royall High School students were named to the first-semester honor roll:

Freshmen: Joshua Anderson, Joshua Cilley, Savannah Escutia, Bria Gruen, Liza Krueger, Emma Schultz and Laya Wainwright

Sophomores: CJ Anderson, Benjamin Crneckiy, Samson Degner, Ashleigh Klipstein, Mason Morrissette Maddison Peterson, Piper Pursell, Sylvia Rafajko, Brendan Rick, Ava Saemisch, Carter Uppena and Jude Vlasak

Juniors: Jordyn Anderson, Phil Berger, Jacob Dragan, Emily Duhm, Cassidy Frye, Brooklyn Gruen, Marah Gruen, Kasey Jones, Tayler Lewerenz, Chloe Schroeder, Gracie Stanek, Tucker Wildes and Alyssa Woodworth

Seniors: Mauren Cook, Gage Christian, Olivia Heesch, Malory Knudtson, Colton Kolk, Makayla Martin, Mallory Ruland, Grace Steinmetz and Jessica Wohlrab

Editor’s note: The Royall School District submitted the following statement explaining its decision to establish a weighted GPA system. 

Over the past five years, Royall High School has worked to increase student’s opportunity to both take challenging and personalized courses as well as earn college credit in high school. RHS does this by utilizing multiple programs (Start College Now, Early College Credit Program, Advanced Placement, Northern Wisconsin Educational Communications System).

Although RHS has increased the course offerings for college credit, they have found that some students are reluctant to take these courses because they do not want to take a chance of getting a grade that could possibly lower their GPA. Although this is somewhat understandable from a student perspective, from the school’s perspective, ensuring that our students are able to challenge themselves academically without feeling that they might be “punished” by having it lower their GPA is important.

For that reason, RHS has decided to start weighting classes that are either AP courses or college courses taken through an accredited university.

This transition has taken place for the class of 2025 and 2026 (current sophomores and freshmen) and started with the current 2022–23 school year. The grades in these courses will be weighted on the following scale:

• A: weighted grade point, 4.33; non-weighted grade point, 4

• A-: weighted grade point, 4; non-weighted grade point, 3.66

• B+: weighted grade point, 3.66; non-weighted grade point, 3.33

• B: weighted grade point, 3.33; non-weighted grade point, 3

• B-: weighted grade point, 3; non-weighted grade point, 2.66

• C+: weighted grade point, 2.66; non-weighted grade point, 2.33

• C: weighted grade point, 2.33; non-weighted grade point, 2

• C-: weighted grade point, 2; non-weighted grade point, 1.66

• D+: weighted grade point, 1.66; non-weighted grade point, 1.33

• D: weighted grade point, 1.33; non-weighted grade point, 1

• D-: weighted grade point, 1; non-weighted grade point, .66 

• F: weighted grade point, 0; non-weighted grade point, 0

This semester (fall 2022-23) was the first time in Royall School District history that a student has earned above a 4.0 GPA. Congratulations goes to Bria Gruen for challenging herself by taking an AP course her freshman year and earning the highest GPA at Royall High School to date.