Royall schools opening for summer activities

Note: In the print version of this article, the headline incorrectly indicated that the school would open July 21. The grounds are currently open, and the buildings will open Monday. 

By SARAH PARKER | County Line Editor

Royall will open its facilities for summer activities, the board of education decided in a special meeting Tuesday.

A structured summer recreation is still in doubt, “but we would like to allow the kids to get some exercise of some sort,” Gruen said.

Starting driver’s education also is a priority, he added, which will be limited to two students or a parent and a student.

The district had submitted its plan to the Juneau County Health Department, which does not endorse plans per se, but the agency did note that the district seemed to cover all important aspects of a slow reopening, Gruen said.

The board will review the district’s plan for the school year itself on July 27 or a bit later, Gruen said.

The district also hopes to soon start offering mental-health services to students who had been identified as being at-risk.

♦ ♦ ♦

The following is Royall’s summer activities guidelines.


The following safety precautions are to be applied to all summer sponsored activities.  All summer participation is voluntary and students/parents are aware of the potential risk associated with these activities.  There will be a base set of precautions for each activity to follow.  Some activities will have additional precautions to follow based on contact potential. 

We will begin our slow reopen July 13 with some summer offerings.  However, the health and safety of everyone involved is our #1 priority and we will follow public health guidelines as directed.  This may mean a closure, cancelation or postponement with very little notice.  Thank you in advance for following our protocols and procedures and for understanding why they must be in place. 

If confirmed cases of COVID 19 by student or staff occurs, the district will follow guidance from the Juneau County Health Department in contact tracing and notification.  Mark Gruen will be our COVID 19 coach and all reports will be filed with him.


  • • Prior to any activity starting, all coaches/advisors will be properly trained in screening of coaches/students. 
  • • Parents/Guardians are asked to screen their child at home (Temperature, Signs/Symptoms)
  • • All coaches and students will be screened at the door entrance for signs or symptoms of COVID–19 (symptom checklist attached). Door 20 (the athletic bus loading door) will be the only entrance/exit into the school for participants.  While waiting to be screened, all coaches and students will wear a mask.  Once you have passed the screening, masks are optional, but encouraged when possible. If a student does not pass the screening process, we will isolate them outside until they are able to leave or get picked up.  (In case of rain – we will use the spin room.)
  • • There will be a record kept of all students who attend. Once a coach/student has passed the screening, they will be instructed to wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds – after which they will be allowed to enter the practice area.   *If an individual exhibits any of the COVID 19 symptoms while on site, we will ask them to report to the coach immediately.

Group Limitations

  • • Groups are restricted to 50 people outside, 30 people in the gym and no more than 16 in the fitness center. This includes all adults and participants. Only participants will be allowed to enter the facility. No parents, managers, extra family members, etc. 
  • • During workouts, students will be split into separate groups. These groups will work with each other throughout the whole session. 
  • • There will be no huddles, high-fives, handshakes, fist bumps, etc. allowed at any point during workouts/training sessions. 
  • • Participants are required to stay within the designated areas of the buildings that their activity is taking place. (ex: classroom, gymnasium or fitness center), and will not have access to other parts of the building. 

Hydration and Hygiene

  • • Bathrooms in the athletic hallway will be the only ones used during summer activities. Locker rooms will not open.  
  • • Individuals are to fill their own water bottles and no one is to share any water bottle.
  • • Coaches and students are to bring their own towels for use to avoid touching their face. After every workout, clothing and towels must be taken home and washed.
  • • It is encouraged that students keep their outdoor shoes in a plastic bag to avoid cross contamination. 
  • • During every water break, coaches and students will be instructed to wash hands or use hand sanitizer. If possible, students and coaches should all bring their own personal hand sanitizer. 
  • • If needed, students should bring their own athletic tape to eliminate need for traffic to the training room. 

Facilities/Equipment Cleaning and Disinfection

  • • The Fitness Center, Bathrooms, and any room used will be cleaned and disinfected daily by our custodial staff.
  • • High frequency touch surfaces and equipment will be cleaned and disinfected daily. This includes gym doors, bathroom doors, storage doors, water fountains, stage area, chairs, light switches, and basketball hoop controls.  (Custodial)
  • • All athletic equipment, including balls, should be cleaned and disinfected after each use and prior to the next workout. (Coach/Advisor)

Specific Guidelines/Precautions

 Fitness Center

  • » Strength
    • • Students will be assigned a workout group of no larger than 16
    • • Students will work with a single partner during the work out.
    • • Students will hand sanitize when entering the fitness center and when they leave (Hand sanitizer will be EPA approved.)
    • • Students will work with free weights outside on the cement pad
    • • Fitness Room supervisor will supervise that all students wipe down the equipment they use immediately when finished.
    • • Supervisor will wipe down anything touched in between sessions.
  • » Speed and Agility
    • • All speed and agility work will be done outside.

Summer Recreation

  • • This will be open to students ages 9 – 15 only (No T-Ball or Rag Ball)
  • • 3 practices a week – with a deep cleaning of all equipment on Fridays
  • • All students will be screened as per the above requirements
  • • All students will be provided with hand sanitizer at the start and end of the practice (We are encouraging all participants to bring their own hand sanitizer and will be allowed and encouraged to use it at different exchanges during the practice.)
  • • No dugouts will be used as social distancing will be stressed
  • • Practices will consist of skill work and breaks to sanitize, hydrate, and for participants own hygiene
  • • We encourage participants to bring and not share – their own helmets. We will provide helmets and will sanitize them between use.
  • • Batting gloves are recommended
  • • At present, our last day of summer rec will be July 30 – with deep cleaning and inventory on July 31

 Volleyball Open Gym

  • • Athletes will be assigned a single partner to work with for the duration of the training session. Examples would include warmup, ball handling exercises, individual conditioning, etc. 
  • • Volleyballs will be kept in clean and dirty carts. After use, a ball will be put into the “dirty” cart to be sanitized before it can be used again. 
  • • During large group play, athletes will be spaced out in a regular volleyball formation. This is typically 6 or more feet apart with minimal contact during play. 
  • • Sessions will be up to three hours. These workouts will include individual skill development, conditioning, educational/mindset training. Intensity of practices will be determined by the individual’s fitness level and increase over time. 

Football – Contact days

  • • Athletes will be assigned to a small group for the duration of the training session. (5-10 students in a pod)
  • • Players will not congregate between drills, group meetings will include social distancing
  • • Hydration breaks will include social distancing with all students having their own water bottles.
  • • Footballs will be kept in clean and dirty carts. After use, a ball will be put into the “dirty” cart to be sanitized before it can be used again. 
  • • Sessions will be up to three hours. These workouts will include individual skill development, conditioning, educational/mindset training. Intensity of practices will be determined by the individual’s fitness level and increase over time. 


  • • In the first weeks of training, focus will be on individual skill development.
  • • Athletes must be assigned a single partner to work with for the duration of the training session. Examples of drills include partner shooting, passing, etc.
  • • Based on conditions/risks in our area, athletes may progress to more contact drills (1 on 1, 3 on 3, etc.). Five on five scrimmage situations will be limited until deemed appropriate.
  • • During skill development, athletes will use the same ball throughout the duration of the training session. 
  • • Basketballs will be kept in clean and dirty carts. After use, a ball will be put into the “dirty” cart to be sanitized before it can be used again. 
  • • Sessions will be up to two hours. These workouts will include individual skill development, minimal group work, conditioning, and educational training. Intensity of practices will be determined by the individual’s fitness level and increase over time. 



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