By KAREN PARKER | Retired County Line Publisher

After the Norwalk Village Board’s many internal debates and a few public hearings on whether to buy a garbage truck or contract with an outside company, it appears a new system is about to become a reality.

At its regular meeting Monday, the board agreed to contract with Modern Disposal Systems of Tomah for garbage pickup. 

Garbage/recycling containers will be delivered Sept. 27 through Sept. 30. The first garbage pickup is Monday, Oct. 3. The charge will appear on the quarterly water bill as two separate line items: a recycling single unit is $12 a quarter, a garbage single unit (65-gallon container) is $24 a quarter, and a 95-gallon container is $28.50 a quarter.

Other business

• The Norwalk Rails-to-Trails Marathon group still need volunteers for its Sunday, Oct. 2, marathon. Contact Barb Ornes at 823-7872 or Theresa Lehner at 823-7942. Also, the group is in need of cookies for the event.

• Norwalk’s community Thanksgiving dinner is slated for Sunday, Nov. 13 at the Norwalk Fire Station. 

• After much debate, the board agreed to drop t he minimum sewer charge and instead charge a base rate of $100 and $9.35 per 1,000 gallons per quarter. The base rate will increase to $125 at the third quarter of 2023.

• The board approved taking the Ford F450 to a dealer to learn why it shuts off at times and leaks oil.

• Also, the board approved putting the Maria Lehner memorial bench next to the library’s free little library.

• The board approved operator’s licenses for Alexis Gnewikow and Jessica Bailey, who work at The Place.

• Additionally, the board reviewed the following building permits: replace deck wood of porch, 508 Main St., Jesus Castaneda; roof, walls and metal roof replacement, 207 Hettman St., Alexandra von Aulock (already done); demolition of breezeway, 200 North St., Scenic Bluffs Health Center; fence at 410 Main St. (no application filed; already done); roof and inside work, 105 S. McGary St. (no application filed; roof done; working on inside; and dilapidated garage, 511 Main St. (letters being returned; not accepted by owner; owner to be fined if homeowner fails to get a permit).

• The board approved a memorial bench for the Ryan family in the Norwalk Village Park. 

• Village clerk Kerry Vian successfully completed Wisconsin Municipal Treasurer’s Completion Course. The certificate was issued July 15.

• The village will buy new squad car tires from Degenhardt Tire.

• The board agreed to hold a special meeting to discuss revising the storage of junk ordinance.