By KAREN PARKER | Retired County Line Publisher

Improvements to the Village of Norwalk campground may be in the offing, according to President Levi Helgren at Tuesday’s village board meeting. 

Board president Levi Helgren suggested changing the 10-unit campground to eight units, allowing more room for vehicles to make the turn into the sites. In addition, water and sewer would be offered, new signage would be installed, and possibly someone would be hired to work weekends. Rates would likely go from $25 to $45 a night.  The board agreed that the parks committee would meet to develop a plan. Helgren said he would like to see the improvements done yet this season.

Other business

• Chad Marti requested that the village forgive his water/sewer bill for the last quarter, as no one was living in the house. There was a furnace failure that caused pipe breakage. The board agreed to forgive the sewer portion of the bill.

• The furnace at the sewer plant needs a $600 repair, but the board will hold off pending major sewer plant updates later this year.

• Because of work on the County Highway U bridge and the sewer plant construction, semis will not be allowed to park in the sewer plant parking lot. Helgren suggested village streets as an alternative, but any final decision will be made at a later date.

• The village will purchase two new tires for the forklift/snow pusher for $111 a piece.

• The Norwalk Public Library needs a new furnace but will get through the season and make a decision in the fall. Also, Ken Kittelson will retire as library director at the end of April.

• The board approved a second-story addition for Scott Nofsinger.

• The board approved operator’s licenses for Cheyenne Galovits, Andrew Schaitel and Sierra Boardman. 

• A contract was signed with Modern Disposal for garbage pickup.