By KAY ZIEGAHN | Richland Center

Donald Trump quotes dictators he admires: Russia’s Putin, Turkey’s Erdogan, and Hungary’s Orban — all dictators of ill repute. He says he “will be a dictator just for one day,” but which of these favorites of his have remained in power just for one term? Which of these countries have democracy? What’s it like working in a labor camp in any of these countries? Be warned, if Trump is elected, you will never have to vote again; he will make sure he “wins” forever by doing what he accused the Democrats of doing in 2020 and what he tried to do on Jan. 6, 2021.

All the violence, antisemitism, and intolerance of “other” people, whether Jews, immigrants or simply his opponents, have arisen since he began disseminating lies at his rallies, causing mass rage. The Wisconsin Republicans’ closing of university campuses and withholding of funding for public schools are efforts to maintain ignorance in the electorate so they maintain power indefinitely.

Due to magical themes in entertainment that recent generations have grown up with, they seem all too ready to believe Trump’s fairytales, such as how the economy and immigration will all be fixed “by Christmas 2024.” Trump forgot that Biden will still be President then!