Some things are not what they appear. Like the two constitutional amendments on Wisconsin’s April 2 election ballot. They sound fine: to not allow private donations and grants in conducting any election, and to allow only election officials designated by law to perform election tasks.

But neither federal nor state municipalities provide enough money to cover all the costs of holding elections. By reducing options for municipal governments to seek outside sources to fund elections, the first proposed amendment would lead to greater taxpayer burden and/or results including fewer polling places, long lines and longer wait times. The second would prevent municipal clerks from using outside experts, volunteers and community members, which they now use to make elections run smoothly.

The Wisconsin League of Women Voters says these changes don’t belong in Wisconsin’s constitution. If the legislature wants to make these changes, the league says it “should work with the governor to do so in a way that ensures our clerks are able to get the support they need to run our elections.”

Don’t be fooled by clever wording that would make voting more difficult and/or increase our state tax burden. Vote no to both amendments.