Letter to the editor: ‘Senator Ron Johnson’

By DAVE WESTER | Baraboo, Wis.

“Senator Ron Johnson” 

My name is Ron Johnson

I come from Wisconsin

But the people don’t like me much there.


To the Senate I was elected

But the work I rejected,

Sucking up to Trump’s ego

Was easier than expected.


We bungled the virus

And that’s why they fired us,

With bleach and disinfectants

We tried washing it away.


We’re loved by the evangelical

But Democrats had a belly-full

Of our election fraud crockery

And our democracy mockery.


For months people died

As about Covid we lied,

And surely we procrastinated

Because Congress got vaccinated.


Why should we care

About citizens in despair?

Let them still dream

About getting the vaccine.


We abandoned the infection

To promote an insurrection,

But our promotion was dense

And we lost even Mike Pence.


We’ve gotten our rejection

For botching the infection,

And now they hate us more,

As sore losers, our projection.


Wisconsin has another Senator

But I won’t even mention her

Because she gets things done

As I sit on my bum.

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