That sounds good, doesn’t it? In our current world, that pertains to a woman’s right to kill the baby in her womb. 

My wife and I have been blessed with eight wonderful children; we have been even more blessed with lots of grandchildren and more coming! Each life is valuable, especially the innocent in a mother’s womb. We know the pain of a stillborn child, fully developed yet stillborn. 

Let us be honest: people have rights, yet what right could be more relevant than the right to live? We need to protect life in the womb at all stages. Abortion for birth control is bad business for everyone except groups like Planned Parenthood that profit much at taxpayer expense through the killing of the life in a mother’s womb. 

In this election year especially, vote for those who will protect life in the womb. Each baby in the womb would be pro-life even when there are complications. Adoption is a much better option for all than abortion if one feels unable to raise that baby. 

If you have not watched the film “Lifemark,” which was inspired by a true story, it sheds some practical insights on this issue. 

Let’s work together to encourage ourselves, our young people, and others to practice reproductive responsibility: that means purity for young people and older folks. That means God’s design of husband and wife together for life and sexual relationships within that marriage. Let us work together to protect and promote life and not destroy the unborn. 

Thanks for listening.