To start this rant or whatever you want to call it, I will tell you outright that political parties are dangerous to our liberty and money. 

During my 81 years of life so far, I have seen what these parties do; mostly they are all self serving. One is bad, and the other is worse. For me, the Democrats have been the worst except for Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy. I voted Democrat until Lyndon Johnson. The Vietnam War changed that to Republican. 

I started a small business in Monroe County in 1974, and it went fairly well until the Carter administration. Interest rates went up 22 percent, and I nearly lost everything I owned. Then Reagan became president, and life got slowly better. Tommy Thompson became governor, and business got better while he was in office. Then Jim Doyle became governor, and business slowed down as regulations went up. The state wound up in a budget deficit. Gov. Walker was able to get the state out of debt, which helped all of us. Although don’t forget that it is taxpayers’ money that government uses. The Democrats are not good to the taxpayers. 

Now we have Biden’s catastrophe as inflation has taken away almost 30 percent of our buying power. Our borders are overrrun with illegals. There are world-wide wars that we didn’t have four years ago. Most of the wars we have had were under Democratic administration. History tells us wrongly Democrats have voted 100 percent against the 13th amendment, 94 percent against the 14th, and 100 percent against the 15th. 

It seems to me that what we learn from history is that we DON’T learn from history. 

I lived  through all of this, seeing it firsthand. Unfortunately, the younger generation will never know the freedom I enjoyed growing  up in a little town on the Kickapoo River. It makes me sad to see what is happening to this beautiful country of mine. 

Thomas Jefferson said, “If you give up liberty for security, you will lose both and deserve neither.” Look around and see what is happening!