Who doesn’t love grammar? Okay, so you may not love it, but you know when it’s gone bad. While I admit to ungrammatical texts and throwing in an ain’t now and again, when TV presenters refer to the Democratic Party (correct adjective form) as the Democrat Party (incorrect noun form), it’s worse than fingernails on a blackboard. For those younger than 20, you may want to Google blackboard. 

During the previous guy’s administration, somebody probably told him to start saying Democrat instead of Democratic when referring to the Party because it sounded bad, funny, harsh, wrong, grating, weird, cringeworthy. Take your pick. The reason the word Democrat, as in Democrat Party, sounds so off is because it’s been grammatically correctly called the Democratic Party for almost 200 years so anything else is bound to sound strange. 

Somehow, the whole Democrat thing has caught on and it now appears in print in reputable publications and it comes out of the mouths of supposedly highly educated individuals. Where will it end? Will we interchange parts of speech willy nilly, wandering in a grammatical wilderness where anything goes? 

As much as my ears would like the Democrat Party to be called the Democratic Party again, I think that horse has left the barn. So in fairness, I propose that from now on, we refer to the Republican Party as the Republik Party. Republik does have a certain ring to it. Yes, I’m sure it will catch on and it won’t be long before we see it in newspapers and hear it on the evening news.