Pursuant to Wisconsin statutes, the Monroe County Highway Department will implement seasonal weight restrictions on all county trunk highways beginning Monday, March 6.  

Restrictions become effective upon the placement of signs. The restrictions limit vehicle weight to 6 tons per single axle and 10 tons per any two axles spaced less than eight feet apart. 

Seasonal weight restrictions are placed each spring to reduce damage to the roadway when the roadbed becomes unstable as frost is leaving the ground.  

Wisconsin statutes and the highway department policy on vehicle weight restrictions and permits provide for certain exceptions to these restrictions.  The policy may be accessed at the Monroe County Highway Department website at www.co.monroe.wi.us. Operators meeting the established criteria should contact the highway department for further information. 

Requests for emergency single-trip exemptions may be considered on a case-by-case basis and are subject to a $100 permit fee. Exceptions are not typically granted for loads that can be reasonably divided, lightened or delayed.

No vehicle, with or without a permit, may exceed the limit posted on a bridge.

The seasonal weight restrictions will remain in effect until the roadbed dries out and stabilizes and the signs are removed. For further information, contact the Monroe County Highway Department at 803 Washington St. in Sparta, by telephone at (608) 269-8740, or via email at highways@co.monroe.wi.us.