Gjefle: I am afraid

By PASTOR MICHAEL T. GJEFLE | Faith Independent Baptist Church, Ontario

Psalm 56:3 — “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.”

Fear is something that all of us will deal with throughout our lives. Sometimes our fears are small and simple; other times they’re huge.

Consider Psalm 56. David is in the camp of the Philistines. Not long before, he killed their hero, Goliath, and became a national hero to his Jewish brethren. Now he is in the camp of Goliath’s people. What should he do? Will he survive? He knew fear.

You and I will at times find ourselves in some very trying circumstances. None of us is immune to sickness, accident or tragedy. What will we do? What have you done in past uncertainties? Often in life’s troubles or fears, people curse or seek to find a way out. Yet often we must face the reality of our fears.

It is a great truth that we can trust God at all times if we have Him as our savior. Do you?

By God’s grace found only in Jesus Christ, we can be saved from our sin and know his forgiveness. Then we can walk daily with God in faith.

Life can be quite fearful at times, yet how wonderful to trust the Lord in good times and fearful times.

Louisa Stead wrote a beautiful hymn, “‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.”

Just to take Him at his word

Just to rest upon his promise

Just to know thus saith the Lord

Oh, do you know the blessedness of God’s salvation in Christ and the joy of walking with him through life? We will know no fear in this life, but how wonderful to face our fears trusting in the living God of all time. When you face fear, what will you do?