Brookwood’s theatre department will put on a performance of “Antigone Now,” a modern adaptation of the Greek tragedy, on Saturday, Aug. 26, at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Aug. 27, at 2 p.m. 

Ismene (Ayawyn Conner) comforts her sister Antigone (Katherine McElhose).

Antigone’s sister, Ismene (Ayawyn Conner), asks her sister (Katherine McElhose) not to attempt to bury their brother’s body.

King Creon (Cooper Powell) justifies his plan to put Antigone to death. 

Chorus members gather (left to right): Jackie Hernadez, Alexander Bautisto (front), Berulo Rodriquez (back), and Miranda Arndt.

Antigone (Katherine McElhose)

Antigone (Katherine McElhose)

Left to right: King Creon (Cooper Powell) and members of the chorus Alexander Bautisto and Berulo Rodriquez

Antigone (Katherine McElhose) and Ismeme (Ayawyn Conner)

Left to right: Alexander Bautisto, Berulo Rodriquez, Katherine McElhose (Antigone), Jackie Hernandez and Miranda Arndt

Back row: Alexander Bautisto and Berulo Rodriquez. Center: Katherine McElhose (Antigone). Front row: Miranda Arndt and Jackie Hernandez.

Antigone (Katherine McElhose)

Left to right, back to front: Miranda Arndt, Berulo Rodriquez, Cooper Powell (King Creon), Alexander Bautisto, and Jackie Hernandez

Miranda Arndt and Katherine McElhose (Antigone)

Antigone (Katherine McElhose)

Ismeme (Ayawyn Conner)