Brookwood students named to honor roll

The following Brookwood Junior/Senior High School students were named to the fourth-quarter honor roll:


High Honors: Garrett S. Anderson, Cristian O. Barrientos, Suzi M. McLendon, Gavin J. Stebbins and Kylie Thorson

Honor Roll: Yesenia Barajas, Iriabeth Cruz, Venessa A. Downing, Deacon T. Erdman, Nicholas M. Friske, Hailey M. Johnson, Alexis P. Karschney, Arianna R. Luebke, Jesara M. Taylor and Hayden Thompson

Scholastic:  Skyler L. Bachim, Colten Green, Dylan J. Lacy, Kaylee Leis, Sophiajean C. Palladini and Benjamin D. Retzlaff


High Honors: Danica Rynes and Evan Wang

Honor Roll:  Kristin Berg Kimberlee Downing, Derek Erdman, Elaine Teynor and Franklin Wildes

Scholastic:  Elizabeth K. Barnes, Isaias Cruz, Nathaniel DeWitt, Payton Havlik, Haley Nevin, Daniel Peterson, McKenzie Woods and Rachel L. Wooten


High Honors: Danica M. Lee and Hunter J. Schade

Honor Roll:  Cora Brandau, Payne A. Clark, Alex Cunitz, Tyana R. Kaufmann, Maggie Muehlenkamp, Dylan C. Powell, Perla M. Santiago De La Luz, Mackenzie Schlafer, Kadinse A. Small, Morgan Speicher and Thomas M. Wooten

Scholastic: Trinitey E. Downing, Katie A. Gruen, Madellenn P. Honaker, Tierra Kaiser, Brooke R. Karper, Evan Klinkner, Alexis Pasch, Kaylynn A. Peterson, Mackenzie C. Powell, Margarita A. Silva Silva and Liliana L. Vera-Witt


High Honors: Amelia R. Muellenberg and Kylie Powell

Honor Roll:  Vanessa A. Anderson, Braxton M. Ford, Taylor R. Freed, Brady P. Hansen, Shelby A. Herbst, Ashton A. Peterson and Sophie Teynor

Scholastic:  Skylar R. Hanson, Alexis J. Lacy, Owen A. Radloff and Ethan D. Rolon


Honor Roll:  Camden L. Brueggeman, Caelin G. Calkins, Payge A. Clark, Marshall C. Doll, Willow M. Halverson, Jaqueline Hernandez Coquehuac, Deja S. Jimenez, Chelsea D. Marquez Cortez, Katherine B. McElhose, Emily R. O’Rourke, Joselyne Santos Garcia, Stephanie A. Silva Silva and Deanna M. Wallace

Scholastic:  Emma J. Baldwin, Alexander Bautista Velasco, Emily Cunitz, Savannah Groom Cruz, Emma J. Haggerty, Ariana K. Martinez, Braeden L. Pasch, Douglas L. Wildes and Hunter A. Zimmerman


High Honors: Alivia M. Brandau and Reagan M. Muehlenkamp

Honor Roll:  Cullen M. Brueggeman, Toby T. Eness, Fernanda M. Garcia Barr, Evelyn M. Gibson, Yoselin Gonzalez Lopez, Gavin B. Havlik, Katelyn M. Lee, Ruby S. Muehlenkamp, Josue U. Nicolas Velasco, Tamara R. Norman, Gracin B. Stebbins, Ellie D. Thieman, Brynn Thurston, Owen E. Wang and Ruth A. Wooten

Scholastic:  Mily K. Alcantar, Ella R. Baker, Jack T. Bonk, Jackson L. Cunitz, Jennafer D. Fennigkoh, Wyatt J. Ford, Chance O’Rourke, Isabellajean C. Palladini, Alonna L. Rogalla, Mitchell J. Schlafer, Aaron Voigts and Calista Zimmerman

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