Thursday, June 25: Vernon, Juneau counties report no new cases; Monroe County has one


Monroe County reported one new Covid-19 case today, and Vernon County and Juneau reported none.

Monroe County’s newest case is a boy younger than 4 who has mild symptoms. To date, Monroe County has 58 confirmed cases, of which 31 are recovered, two are hospitalized, and one has died (in that case, the individual had underlying health conditions, but Covid-19 was a factor in his death, according to the health department).

Testing of Monroe County residents has yielded 3,843 results.

Vernon County reported no new cases today. So far, it has had 32 positive cases, of which 29 are recovered, none are hospitalized and three are isolating at home. To date, testing of Vernon County residents has generated 2,554 negative results.

Reporting no new cases today, Juneau County has a total 31 positive cases, of which seven are active, two have been released from isolation, 21 have recovered and one has died.

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  • Sunday, July 12: Monroe County reports four new cases; Juneau County, one

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  • Vernon County’s Coulee Covid-19 Compass rating improves; Monroe County’s remains the same

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    Vernon County risk level dropped from “severe” to “high” today on the Coulee Covid-19 Compass, and Monroe County remained at “high.”

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    Monday, July 6: Monroe County reports five new cases; Vernon and Juneau counties, none

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    Sunday, July 5: Monroe County has seven new cases

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    Saturday, July 4: Monroe County has four new cases; Juneau County, two

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    Friday, July 3: Monroe County has another six Covid-19 cases, but Juneau County reports none

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    Monroe County reported six new Covid-19 cases today, though Juneau County had none.

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