Monroe County Retired Teachers Association, 1992

Pictured here is a 1992 photo of the Monroe County Retired Teachers Association. 
First row (left to right): Wilma Tucker, Doris Deno, Elly Jacobsen and Ethel Molstad. 
Second row: Margaret Kortbein, Helen Peterson, Julia Peterson, Vera Evans, Margery Schumacher, Juanita Haines, Vera Cunitz, Margery Herberg, Freda Beaver, Loretta Schmitz and Kathleen Arcuri.
Third row: Edwina Rueck, Doris Foth, Dolores Burke, Mabel Tucker, Thema Weber, Lylia Smith, Margaret Heath, Dolores Olson, Arliss Utke, Sayra (Jean) Anderson, Trish Peterson, Phila Stolz, Gertrude Genske, Mary Dwyer, Marion Schwarz, Marjorie Smith and Delia Kortbein.
Fourth row: Agnes Peterson, Benjamin Talledge, Vida Stoker, Louise Oswald, Fern Olson, Annabel Poss, Nina Rhodenhizer, Maleda Poss, Mary Semrau, Marguerite Griffin, Ethelyn Mark, Lester Hilden, Dolores Kenyon, Margaret Tickler and Leona Krause. (Photo contributed by Mark Johnson)

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