Marking the season: Kendall love lights

The Kendall Public Library sold love lights this fall, with the proceeds going toward the library’s expansion/remodeling project. The following lights were purchased in memory or in honor of individuals.

In memory of …

• All dearly departed family members from Joyce

• William Airth-Kindree from Mary Anne Airth-Kindree

• Oswald and Marie Arzt from John and Karen Arzt

• Delores Bandle from Paige Bandle

• Mabel Bernhardt from Teresa, Scott and Cole Eberhardt

• Carl and Freda Bever from John and Karen Arzt

• Caroline and Don Braund from the Kendall Public Library

• Herb and Babe Buchanan from Sandy Baldwin and family

• Bob Bunk from Dianne Bunk

• Les and Marge Dana from Sally Dana

• Donna Downing from Esther Vlasak

• Donna Vlasak Downing from Lowell and Arlys Zellmer

• John Dutton from Lynne and Guy Nelson

• Scott Dwyer from Mike and Bea Dwyer

• Robert Eilers from Marita Flasher

• Marion Fauska from Dave and Myrna Fauska

• Melvin Fauska from Dave and Myrna Fauska

• Melvin and Marion Fauska from Darlene Martalock

• Jerelyn Zellmer Felt from Lowell and Arlys Zellmer

• Jerelyn Zellmer Felt from Stan and Ruth Zellmer

• Harry and Marguerite Friedl from Charles and Judy Lydon

• John Friedl from Charles and Judy Lydon

• Keith Gorn from Shirley Gorn

• Joe Gosselin from Donna and Ralph Gosselin

• Elmer Hansen from Myrna and Dave Fauska

• Lois Hansen from Myrna and Dave Fauska

• Lloyd Hanson from Amanda Falkowski

• Lloyd Hanson from Lynne Hanson

• Lloyd Hanson from Michelle Kuehl

• Stephanie Clawson Hume from Chuck and Susana Clawson

• Rhonda Vlasak Hunter from Lowell and Arlys Zellmer

• Rae Ann Kelsch from Mary Anne Airth-Kindree

• Daedrie Tralmer Kleppe from Phyllis Toivonen

• Kramer family from Kentucky from Terry Rogalla

• Edna and John Kranz from Charlene Ennis

• Tom Kranz from Rita Kranz

• Don and Evelyn Lydon from Charles and Judy Lydon

• Frank Martalock fromDave and Myrna Fauska

• Frank Martalock from Darlene Martalock

• Fritz Miller from Barb and Ken Moore

• Joan Minerath from Lori Bandle

• Charlie and Eleanor Murphy from Bob and Linda Murphy

• Bug and Donnaphee Murray from Cheryl Scheeter

• Judy Murray from Cheryl Scheeter

• Freddie Neumann from Stan and Ruth Zellmer

• Norman Neumann from Stan and Ruth Zellmer

• Patricia Neumann from Stan and Ruth Zellmer

• Norma and Paul Newberry from Eileen and Skip Richie

• Uncle Joe Novy from Phyllis Toivonen

• Aunt Ollie Novy from Phyllis Toivonen

• Erin O’Brien from Mom

• Rose and Willard Parrish from Terry and Linda Parrish

• Mary Schauer Preuss from Lowell and Arlys Zellmer

• Judi Pulaski from Dave and Myrna Fauska

• Judi Pulaskl from Marilyn Woodworth

• Brenda Richie from Eileen and Skip Richie

• Hank and Pearl Richie from Eileen and Skip Richie

• Scott Richie from Eileen and Skip Richie

• Charlie and Linda Rieck from the family

• Linda Rieck from the Kendall book club

• Lyle Satona from Sandy Baldwin

• Jim Schauer from Lowell and Arlys Zellmer

• Donald and Alice Schmidt from Elaine Woodard

• Ben and Marcella Scholze from Dianne Bunk

• Mr. and Mrs. Neil Schulz from Helen and Jerry Zuhlke

• Alfred and Elora Scott from Carol and Everett Bradley

• Barry Thomas from April and Jan Van Rens

• Erin Tomlinson from Esther Vlasak

• John Thompson from Dawn

• Gayle Tralmer from Phyllis Toivonen

• Adolph Vlasak from Esther Vlasak and family

• Sherry Vlasak from Esther Vlasak and family

• Bill Vlasak from Jane Vlasak and family

• Evelyn Vlasak from Sandy Buchanan Baldwin

• Frank and Evelyn Vlasak from Lowell and Arlys Zellmer

• Frank and Evelyn Vlasak from Lynette Vlasak

• Boyd (Bud) Woodard from Elaine Woodard

• Dale Woodard from Elaine Woodard

• Glen Woodard from Elaine Woodard

• Ed and Dorothy Zellmer from Lowell and Arlys Zellmer

• Dorothy Zellmer from Stan and Ruth Zellmer

• Ed Zellmer from Stan and Ruth Zellmer

• Alfred and Frances Ziese from the family

• Ed Zirk Jr.  from Debbie Coldren

• Grace Zirk from Dave and Myrna Fauska

• Herb Zirk from Dave and Myrna Fauska

• Mr. and Mrs. Ed Zuhlke from Helen and Jerry Zuhlke

In honor of …

• Marie Bradley from Sandy Buchanan Baldwin

• Bunting from Lori Bandle

• Happy from Paige Bandle

• Beverly Matteson’s 90th birthday from your friends

• Aunt Irene (Smith)  from Layla, Brett and Mya Marty

• Irene Smith from Lowell and Arlys Zellmer

• Splash from Lori Bandle

• Joyce and Sylvia from your fans at the movies

• Joyce Thonesen from Mary Anne Airth-Kindree

• Lynette, Vicky and Sally at KPL from Donna Gosselin

• Lynette Vlasak from Mary Anne Airth-Kindree

• Sylvia Woodard from Mary Anne Airth-Kindree

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