Letter to the editor: Use of Falcon logo wasn’t meant to be offensive


This letter is in response to a letter to the editor about the Falcon logo in the County Line dated April 14, 2022. 

First of all, I got the logo off an online graphics site. I only used it on my flyers and postcards. I also used the colors red, black and white because it is the school colors. I agree that all students are to be accepted regardless of income, race, sexual orientation and religion. I also agree that it is a symbol of pride in the school. That is why I used it. I am proud of Brookwood, but there is room for improvement in some areas. It was never intended to be offensive to anyone. I only used it on my Facebook page as part of my campaign for school board. I post mostly inspirational things. 

As far as it belonging to the school for 34 years, why was I able to obtain from a free site online? As far as being a breach of morality, I totally disagree. I love Brookwood!!! I love the kids!!! I love this area of Wisconsin. I love America, the best country in the world. I display the American flag because of that pride. I feel offended that she sees it as a breach of morality. 

I would be willing to meet with anyone who questions my heart about this. People who know me personally would never say that. I believe in loving all people and being kind to all people. Get to know me!!!

♦︎ ♦︎ ♦︎

MY PERSONAL PSALM (to my Father)

Written by Anna Allison (2015)

My God, He is my Father

And I am His child.

He loves me more than I can envision;

And pours Himself into my heart.

He comforts me when I am sad,

And then He sits me on His lap

So that He can tell me stories

About who I was created to be. 

and all those times when I fall,

He puts healing salve on my wounds;

He mends and puts me back together,

All the broken parts of me. 

He can see the dead parts of me;

And He brings them to life again. 

He tells me which path to take,

And He redirects me when I miss it.

Ever so gently, He teaches me

About Himself and His Holy Spirit.

He tells me when to be quiet

And also when to speak. 

He lavishes me with so many gifts,

And tells me I am one of His beloved.

I need never ever be afraid. 

He keeps me in the palm of His hand.

I have everything that I need;

He is my abundant supply.

I will walk with Him all my days

As He is walking alongside me always.

Amidst all of His Angels,

He points at me with a smile in His eyes

And says to all of them,

“See her! She is my child!”

I bring all my friends to meet Him,

With a wide smile I say to them.

Come see Him and take a look,

For He is my Father, Abba Father!

***He wants to be your Father, too! … Will you let him?***

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