Brookwood students named to honor roll

The following Brookwood Junior/Senior High School students were named to the second-quarter honor roll:


High Honors: Tyana R. Kaufmann, Danica M. Lee, Dylan C. Powell and Mackenzie Schlafer

Honor Roll:  Josue Alcantar Barrientos, Cora Brandau, Payne A. Clark, Alex Cunitz, Angelica Gonzalez Silva, Katie A. Gruen, Madellenn P. Honaker, Tierra Kaiser, Evan Klinkner, Mikayla McGinnis, Maggie Muehlenkamp, Alexis Pasch, Perla Santiago de la Luz, Hunter J. Schade, Kadinse A. Small, Morgan Speicher, Anthony R. Wallace and Thomas M. Wooten

Scholastic:  Autumn Brandau, Joshua Brey, Chloe M. Brown, Trinitey E. Downing, Alexander Guzman de la Luz, Cesar Hernandez Jr., Brooke R. Karper, Lety Miguel Hernandez and MaKenzie C. Powell


High Honors: Amelia R. Muellenberg and Sophie Teynor

Honor Roll:  Vanessa A. Anderson, Austen Anderson-Wood, Taylor R. Freed, Brady P. Hansen, Alexis J. Lacy and Kylie Powell

Scholastic:  Abbygail Barry, Timothy J. DeWitt, Jaden Dreier, Bella J. Erickson, Braxton M. Ford, Lestat R. Franke, Skylar R. Hanson, Gavin Kinserdahl, Wyatt Maurhoff, Ashton A. Peterson, Owen A. Radloff and Logan Schaub


High Honors: Payge A. Clark

Honor Roll: Alexander Bautista Velasco, Camden L. Brueggeman, Marshall C. Doll, Jaqueline Hernandez Coquehuac, Chelsea D. Marquez Cortez, Katherine B. McElhose, Joselyne Santos Garcia, Adeline G. Slattery, Deanna M. Wallace and Benjamin M. Wooten

Scholastic:  Zariah C. Anderson, Carter H. Arbuckle, Mia Aztatzi Martir, Emma J. Baldwin, Henner Gomez Calmo, Emma J. Haggerty, Haylie A. Hamilton, Emily R. O’Rourke, Braeden L. Pasch, Stephanie A. Silva Silva and Hunter A. Zimmerman


High Honors: Alivia M. Brandau

Honor Roll:  Zarina L. Anderson, Cullen M. Brueggeman, Bella A. Bryant-Sheehan, Toby T. Eness, Austin P. Freed, Fernanda M. Garcia Barr, Evelyn M. Gibson, Yoselin Gonzalez Lopez, Gavin B. Havlik, Katelyn M. Lee, Reagan M. Muehlenkamp, Ruby S. Muehlenkamp, Josue U. Nicolas Velasco, Tamara R. Norman, Drew Powell, Alonna L. Rogalla, Mitchell J. Schlafer, Gracin B. Stebbins, Ellie D. Thieman, Brynn Thurston, Owen E. Wang and Ruth A. Wooten

Scholastic: Mily K. Alcantar, Jack T. Bonk, Jackson L. Cunitz, Jennafer D. Fennigkoh, Wyatt J. Ford, Rosemary M. Hegland, Gracie L. Nottestad, Chance O’Rourke, Aaron Voigts, Tyler J. Winchel and Calista Zimmerman


High Honors: Miranda P. Arndt and Molly I. Hansen

Honor Roll:  Faith M. Bakken, Javier Bautista Gomez, Nathaniel R. Bautista Velasco, Brock A. Berry, Marissa J. Brueggeman, Julian L. Cunitz, Bryson D. Dank, Ava M. DeWitt, Ava J. Gruen, Eligh Holmquist, Kinsley Holmquist, Sophia L. Hyatt, Elijah M. John, Austin M. Langner, Aurora A. Lawrence, Jimena Mendoza Canelo, Anna R. Peterson, Cooper W. Powell, Madilyne V. Rasmussen, Mason J. Rex, Maggie L. Stenerson, Jestee L. Tainter and Mallory K. Wallace

Scholastic: Annabelle K. Brandau, Lacie J. Downing, Luis A. Gonzalez Silva, Deagan R. Haldeman, Liam M. Kennedy, Brennen K. Mack, Jocelyn Pacheco Pastrana, Havanna L. Peterson, Ruth A. Rivera Espinal, Owen A. Waddell and Samuel H. Wiedmeyer


High Honors: Saleen A. Ford and Aubrey D. Thorson

Honor Roll:  Betsy E. Aguilar, Bethany A. Baker, Carter T. Brueggeman, Jessica M. DeWitt, Sophia I. Erdman, Taylor L. Fennigkoh, Gage T. Ford, Lily L. Freiberg, Damian E. Garcia Barr, Cindy A. Juarez Ramos, Londyn C. Kropiwka, Austin J. Lacy, Melissa J. Leis, Ashlyn M. Leisso, Samantha A. Markee, Amara L. Milleman, Katie Powell, Emaline E. Radloff and Malloryanne E. Schendel

Scholastic: Eileen A. Bautista Santiago, Shannon Z. Bryant-Sheehan, Payjah L. Clark, Jackson J. DeWitt, Michael W. Godlewski, Floresita Lopez Bautista, Savana J. Mendoza, Shelby A. Suhr-Leland, Drew L. Thurston and Ethan R. Todd

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