Brookwood students named to honor roll

The following Brookwood Junior/Senior High School students were named to the first-quarter honor roll:


High honors: Allyson K. Nelson

Honor roll:  Garett C. Atteln, Tyler W. Brandau, Angel A. Brueggen, Diana E. Cruz-Velasco, Tierra M. Decker, Zachary P. Degenhardt, Ben J. Dewitt, Riley R. Graewin, Kaylee Hanson, Emily D. Kansaku, Kaden L. Laufenberg, Megan D. Leis, Ellen G. Marriott, Guadalupe Mendoza, Derek G. Myers, Dalton J. Raspiller, Reed A. Revels, Mckenzi Rogalla, Amber L. Rynes, Lukas E. Summerfield, Alexis R. Thomas and Elena J. Witt

Scholastic:  Amy L. Berg, Robert P. Cunitz, Tiana M. Defliger, Garret W. Gerke, Alexis S. Gnewikow, Alana D. Los, Kora Jean Markee, Esmeralda A. Perez, Alexis A. Smith and Hannah M. Wooten


Honor roll:  Avery J. Arndt, Ashley N. Atteln, Gabrielle L. Check, Adrian E. Degenhardt, Robert J. Friske, Cassidy R. Green, Karina A. Hansen, Margarita Mendoza, Jack H. Mulvaney, Emily K. Powell and Jesse E. Rueckheim

Scholastic:  Haylie R. Beierle, Eliza J. Blasing, Cole D. Brandau, Aaron R. Dwyer, Megan L. McGinnis, Kelsey M. Peterson, Tanner J. Rynes, Katelyn L. Schmitz and Owen D. Williams


High honors: Hailey E. Schueller

Honor roll:  Samantha A. Atteln, James J. Barlow, Hanna F. Brey, Peyton M. Clark, Alan S. Downing, Henry D. Marriott, Alyssa V. Ottum, Shelly A. Powell, Madelyn M. Wang and Cameron S. Zimmerman

Scholastic:  Savanna D. Berry, Dylan J. Dewitt, Jacklynn A. Downing, Jocelyn Hernandez, Chace V. Karschney, Ceara A. Kilfoyle, Mitchell R. Klinkner, Chelsey M. Letcher, Weston J. Muehlenkamp, Noemi I. Nicolas, Angel R. Rojas and Uziel Sanchez


Honor roll:  Garrett S. Anderson, August R. Arndt, Cristian O. Barrientos, Kaden D. Brandau, Jeremy R. Brewer, Valerie A. Cunitz, Lailah C. Eckes, Deacon T. Erdman, Nicholas M. Friske, Sydney Gerke, Colten Green, Jacob Green, Daisy F. Hansen, Tristan D. John, Hailey M. Johnson, Bryan M. Kinserdahl, Dylan J. Lacy, Suzi M. Mclendon, Roberto Mendoza, Benjamin D. Retzlaff, Gavin J. Stebbins, Hayden Thompson, Kylie Thorson and Daniel L. Wooten

Scholastic:  Dalton D. Chamberlain, Trever R. Clark, Iriabeth Cruz, Venessa A. Downing, Emma M. Felland, Serenity J. Halverson, Brooke L. Lehnherr and Iver A. Williams


High honors: Elaine Teynor

Honor roll:  Elizabeth K. Barnes, Sandra Canelo, Kristi L. Cleven, Isaias Cruz, Payton Havlik, Jaydon Koltermann, Danica Rynes, Onesimo Tirado-Lopez, Evan Wang, Franklin Wildes and Rachel L. Wooten

Scholastic: Kristen Atteln, Kristin Berg, Nathaniel Dewitt, Kimberlee Downing, Derek Erdman, Charly Guzman, Haley Nevin, Erika J. Rivera, Athena R. Schaitel, Krista N. Small and Mckenzie Woods


Honor roll:  Josue Alcantar, Alex Cunitz, Carita Downing, Madellenn P. Honaker, Danica M. Lee, Meghan Nelson, Kaylynn Peterson, Dylan C. Powell, Makenzie C. Powell and Morgan Speicher

Scholastic:  Emmanuel Alcantar, Jenna Bakken, Autumn Brandau, Cora Brandau, Payne A. Clark, Alexa Garcia-Barr, Katie A. Gruen, Tierra Kaiser, Tyana R. Maines, Pierce Marriott, Maggie Muehlenkamp, Rian Mulvaney, Alexis Pasch, Keira Rogalla, Perla Santiago, Hunter J. Schade, Kadinse A. Small, Taiylor A. Sturgis, Tatum Thomas and Liliana L. Witt

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