Pedal power on a penny farthing

Posted July 30, 2014 at 5:00 pm

Click here to see Wilton resident Betsy Schindler’s account of the visit.


Courtesy of the Sparta Herald

Anyone traveling through Sparta on Friday afternoon could have caught sight of strange figure wearing a British Army pith helmet, sitting astride a big-wheel bicycle.

That jaunty chap was not Ben Bikin incognito but Joff Summerfield, a 46-year-old adventurer from London who is one month along on his second lap around the world on a big-wheeler.

The former race-car-engine builder turned big-wheel-bike manufacturer had just completed a jolly jaunt along the Elroy-Sparta State Trail on Friday and was visiting the Deke Slayton Memorial Space & Bicycle Museum before continuing his journey west. He had spent the previous night in Wilton with Lyle and Betsy Schindler. 

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    Brookwood graduate serves in Peace Corps in Uganda


    Special to the County Line

    Volunteering to serve in the Peace Corps was the next step for Chelsea Geier of Ridgeville, a graduate of Brookwood High School and the University of Minnesota.

    With a major in political science, fluency in French and a working knowledge of Spanish, she was hoping for an assignment to a French-speaking area.

    Twenty-three-years old when she left the United States, Chelsea lived and worked for two years in Uganda, Africa. She was at home

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    Therapy dog delights children at Norwalk library program

    By KAREN PARKER | County Line Publisher

    The average senior citizen might find more than a dozen high-energy kids a bit unnerving. But 10-year-old Jack (70 in human years) was unruffled by the children who mobbed him last week at the Norwalk park shelter.

    Jack belongs to Ron Luethe, a Norwalk native who retired from government service in North Dakota and moved back the area with his wife a few years ago.

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