A thought about sacrifice

Posted July 30, 2014 at 5:00 pm


Faith Independent Baptist Church, Ontario

A pig and a hen were strolling quietly down the street when, at a luncheon, they saw a sign announcing “delicious ham and eggs.”

“Isn’t it grand,” said the hen, “that together we can give human beings something that delights them?”

The pig frowned. “Yes,” he said. “But your giving requires only a contribution; for me, giving is a real sacrifice.”

It’s just a story, but it’s a humble thought: “God did not just give us something to delight us when the Lord Jesus Christ came to this world to die for our sins. Such a truth ought to thrill our hearts.

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    Free community supper set for July 30 in Elroy

    A free community supper will be served from 4:30 to 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 30, at the Elroy United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall, 204 Royall Ave.

    This community supper is offered on the last Wednesday of each month and, according to event organizers, “gives individuals and families a chance to share a meal and build relationships within the community.”

    Helpful Homemakers Club members will provide some of the food for this meal.


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    Mount Pisgah Royal Rangers

    Mount Pisgah Wesleyan Church in rural Ontario offers its Royal Ranger program. Run during the school year, the program is modeled on the Boy Scout curriculum and adds equal time for skill development and Bible devotions. The group had its year-ending awards ceremony May 28 and its spring campout in early June. For more information on the program, contact Pastor Bob Streeter at 337-4783.

    What do you think about Jonah?


    Faith Independent Baptist Church, Ontario

    Luke 11:30 — “For as Jonah was a sign unto the Ninevites, so shall also the Son of Man be to this generation.”

    Nineveh was a wicked city that repented at the preaching of Jonah. Read the Book of Jonah for yourself and reflect upon God’s working through the life of Jonah. Under God’s direction, Jonah would spend three days and three nights in a “great fish’s” belly, and then go to preach to that city of

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    St. John’s, St. Matthew’s to worship in the park this weekend

    Members of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Kendall and St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church on South Ridge will gather Sunday, June 29, at Glenwood Park in Kendall for a joint worship service.

    Worship will begin at 10:30 a.m. Afterward, a potluck picnic lunch will be served. In the afternoon, there will be softball and other outdoor games for everyone. Attendees may bring their own lawn chairs, along with any outdoor games others would enjoy. All are invited. Come dressed for the day.

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    Brush Creek Lutheran Church to celebrate 150th


    Brush Creek Lutheran Church

    Brush Creek Lutheran Church will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the congregation Sunday, June 29.

    In 1864, a group of six Norwegian immigrant settlers met to start a new congregation. Before this, like many pioneers scattered through the hills and valleys of the area, they had been members of Coon Prairie Norwegian Lutheran Synod of America and were visited several times a year by the circuit pastor.

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    Bishop visits Norwalk Methodist churches

    Hee-Soo Jung, bishop of the Wisconsin Conference, visited Immanuel United Methodist Church in Norwalk and Salem United Methodist Church in rural Norwalk on March 17.


    St. Luke’s hosts Memorial Day program

    Contributed by FRIEDA JACOBSON

    St. Luke’s Auxiliary president

    Memorial Day at St. Luke’s in rural Elroy (town of Glendale) was filled with tradition, honor and respect for our fallen heroes.

    The morning event began with the honor guard from the Kendall American Legion and a group of neighbors and families gathered in the cemetery. Afterward, a memorial service in the church featured the debut of an original poem written and recited by 93-year-old Evelyn Zirk, longtime local resident and good friend to almost everyone in the

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    God’s GPS


    Faith Independent Baptist Church, Ontario

    Our modern technology is quite amazing! When traveling to unfamiliar areas, you can take advantage of the technology to help you to reach your destination. Yet for centuries God has availed Himself to mankind for His help and direction.

    Here in the Old Testament, His leadership and direction availed the people of Israel. Isaiah 58:11 — “And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and

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    He’s no saint, but …


    St. John’s Ev. Lutheran Church, Kendall

    St. Matthew’s Ev. Lutheran Church, South Ridge (rural Ontario)

    It happens often after a loved one has died. As people talk about their loved one, they may begin by saying, “(S)he was no saint, but … ” Then they will go on to list and explain all of the good things this person had done in his or her life.

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