Vernon County Sheriff's Report for March 17–23

Posted March 26, 2014 at 5:00 pm

Tuesday, March 18: Lyall Langer of Hillsboro reported that heifers were loose on his yard in the town of Greenwood.

Wednesday, March 19: Mary Lennon of Viola reportedly swerved to miss a deer on County Highway V in the town of Greenwood. Lennon’s vehicle went out of control, striking a traffic sign and a utility support pole and bringing down a wire, which was not live. Lennon was not injured.

Thursday, March 20: Joseph Vesbach of Viroqua reported that one of his grain-bin augers in the town of Franklin had been damaged.

Thursday, March 20: Dwain Munyon of Viroqua struck an oncoming semi while turning from the stop sign at Prairie and Fourth streets in Readstown. Munyon struck the semi in the passenger side, causing minor damage. Munyon was not

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    Vernon County Sheriff's Report for March 10–16

    Tuesday, March 11: Amy Mowery of Viroqua swerved on a curve to miss a deer that ran out in front of her on Ames Road in the town of Webster, striking a guardrail. Mowery was not injured.

    Wednesday, March 12: Matthew Stowell of Hillsboro was traveling on Briskey Road in the town of Hillsboro when a deer ran in front of him. Stowell swerved to miss the deer and lost control of his vehicle, striking a fence and overturning twice. Stowell had been wearing his seatbelt and reported no injuries.

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    Vernon County Sheriff's Report for March 3–9

    Monday, March 3: Christine Harrington of De Soto lost control of her vehicle on ice on Lawrence Ridge Road in the town of Wheatland. Her vehicle overturned in a snow bank, landing on its wheels. Harrington suffered no apparent injuries.

    Wednesday, March 5: Judy Tully of Stoddard reported that a window of her car had been smashed while it had been parked at the America Legion Hall in Stoddard.

    Wednesday, March 5: Hoza Wright of Genoa was driving on Highway 14 in the town of

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    Vernon County Sheriff's Report for Feb. 24 to March 2

    Monday, Feb. 24: Caleb Frank of De Soto collided with a legally parked vehicle in the De Soto High School parking lot. No injuries were reported.

    Tuesday, Feb. 25: Anna Gilbeck-Moilein of Westby was waiting to turn onto Central Avenue in Coon Valley when she was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Preston Colburn of Viroqua. Apparently neither driver suffered injuries.

    Wednesday, Feb. 26: Brooke Walters of Stoddard reported that someone had slashed the tires on two vehicles parked at her Stoddard address.

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    Vernon County Sheriff's Report

    Monday, Feb. 17: Brian Copper struck a horse belonging to Phil Allen of La Farge that was in the road on Wemmer Hollow Road in the town of Webster. Copper suffered no apparent injuries.

    Wednesday, Feb. 19: Vicki Midtlien of Chaseburg lost control of her vehicle, spinning out of control on ice on County Highway K in the town of Hamburg. Midtlien struck a concrete barrier and severely damaged her vehicle. She suffered no injuries.

    Wednesday, Feb. 19: Benjamin Kauffman of Viroqua lost control of his vehicle on Zitzner Road while negotiating a curve and struck an unoccupied parked vehicle belonging to Edward Dropela of

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    Vernon County Sheriff's Report for Feb. 10–16

    Monday, Feb. 10: Anthony Wood of La Farge was unable to negotiate a corner as he was traveling on County Highway D in the town of Clinton. Wood’s vehicle slid down an embankment, doing damage to a mailbox and a light pole. Wood reported possible injuries.

    Friday, Feb. 14: Village of De Soto personnel reported an apparent attempted break-in at the village hall and library. The door frames of the building showed recent pry marks.

    Friday, Feb. 14: Megan Dittner of La Farge lost control

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    Vernon County Sheriff's Report for Feb. 3–9

    Monday, Feb. 3: A Stoddard home was burglarized. Silver coins, cash and a handgun were missing.

    Tuesday, Feb. 4: Carlton Zarling of Hillsboro was pulling onto County Highway C in the town of Greenwood when he sideswiped a vehicle driven by John Jeffries of Hillsboro, causing minor damage to Jeffries’ vehicle. Neither driver suffered apparent injuries.

    Wednesday, Feb. 5: Michael Cauffman of Viroqua was backing out of a parking stall in the town of Kickapoo when he hit a parked vehicle belonging to Heather Johnson

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    Vernon County Sheriff's Report for Jan. 27 to Feb. 1

    Monday, Jan. 27: Matthew Wright of Ontario reported that sometime during the previous night or that morning his parked car had been hit. The bumper had been taken off, plus the car had other damage. Wright’s vehicle was parked in an alley off Church Street in Ontario.

    Tuesday, Jan. 28: It was reported that someone has been cutting down trees by the Sidie Hollow boat landing in the town of Jefferson.

    Tuesday, Jan. 28: A vehicle driven by Ronald Huebsch of La Farge slid through

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    Vernon County Sheriff's Report for Jan. 20–26

    Tuesday, Jan. 21: Theresa Holtz lost control of her vehicle on Highway 35 in the town of Wheatland. The vehicle came to rest at a 90-degree angle in the ditch at the side of the road. Holtz was not injured.

    Wednesday, Jan. 22: On Nottingham Road in the town of Jefferson, a vehicle driven by Joshua Kirking of Viroqua sideswiped a vehicle driven by Sharon Riness of Viroqua. Neither party was injured.

    Wednesday, Jan. 22: Sandra Weber of Viroqua hit a horse-drawn buggy that had

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    Monroe County police warn of possible scam

    Perpetrators of a phone scam may be targeting Monroe County residents, according to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office.

    Individuals associated with an entity billing itself as the “Monroe County Service and Process Department” have calling county residents, claiming they have information on fraud charges.

    The phone number displayed is (888) 742-4044, according to the sheriff’s office. When someone calls back the number, he or she hears a message that says “mutual” and is asked to leave a message.

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