Letter to the Editor: Town of Wilton shouldn’t allow quarry

Posted October 15, 2014 at 5:26 pm

By LARRY ROSS | Wilton

“Blasting, property damage and more.” These are the words used by the Save Our Knapp Hills Alliance to describe the mining effects of Milestone Materials in Downing, Wis. The Facebook page created by this alliance calls citizens to rally against the Milestone Materials company as it works to convert and expand the Downing Mine from a rock quarry to a sand frac mine (www.facebook.com/events/102296389907145/?ref=5). Mathy Construction Company has stated they have no desire to convert the proposed Wilton rock quarry into a sand frac mine; however, they have already converted two rock quarry mines: Wilson Mine and Downing Mine. Unfortunately for these small communities, they did not have ordinances in place to prohibit this practice. Unfortunately for the Township of Wilton, we do, but the township board members seem apprehensive to

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    Letter to the Editor: Proposed town of Wilton quarry shouldn’t pose dangers

    By MAHLON DENTER | rural Wilton

    As a resident of the town of Wilton, I see no harm to the environment and surroundings if Milestone Corporation wants to open a gravel pit in the town of Wilton. All of the talk of dust, blasting and safety of the bikers is unfounded. Think of it: There are more than 20 town, county and state crossings for vehicles between Sparta and Elroy, plus another 20 or more crossings for farmers who have land on both sides of the trail.

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    Letter to the Editor: Vote for Ed Brooks

    By DOUG ROGALLA | Kendall

    Elections matter! I remember just a few years ago, when I was new in the Kendall area and learning about the candidates running for the 50th Assembly seat, I found out about a candidate, Ed Brooks, who promised to bring “common sense” to Madison. He got my vote in 2008, and he has my vote again this year.

    Ed is a member of six Assembly committees: Urban and Local Affairs (chair); Public Safety and Homeland Security (vice chair); Veterans; Agriculture; Corrections; and

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    Letter to the Editor: The canary in the mine?

    By ERIC ZINGLER | Kendall

    In years past, some miners would carry a caged canary into their mine. If the canary looked sick or died, it meant dangerous gases and to get out fast! Unless we have a breakthrough that keeps gravel trucks from crossing the Elroy-Sparta Trail and electronic gates from stopping riders, the canary has died, and the Wilton Township Board should pull the quarry plug fast.

    Many reasons have been given to justify not allowing electronic gates or

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    Letter to the Editor: Town of Wilton Board should vote no on quarry

    By JOAN RIPP | Wilton

    Why should the Town of Wilton Board vote no Tuesday, Oct. 21? Lets look at the pros and cons for the Town of Wilton. What will they gain if they allow Mathy to build a quarry off of Logan Road? The Town of Wilton could have gravel delivered really fast, kind of like Jimmy John’s sandwiches. It would be freaky fast! There are other gravel pits in the area, though, so they can get gravel pretty fast already.

    Otherwise, I can’t think

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