Letter to the Editor: What about the unalienable rights of the unborn?

Posted October 29, 2014 at 6:50 pm


I could not help but notice the ad in last week’s County Line by the Vernon County Democratic Party stating that “we believe that human beings are born with certain unalienable rights.”

Let’s just stop there for a minute. This is the same party that consistently supports a woman’s right to take the life of her unborn child by legalized abortion. Every human comes the same avenue, through a mother’s womb. Life begins at conception, and killing an unborn baby takes a human life every time. Of all the unalienable rights to concern ourselves with, the right to life ought to be first and foremost. Abortion is a tragic method of birth control. Often people talk about women’s rights, yet half of all unborn children aborted are likely girls, and what

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    Letter to the Editor: Meeting on stopping Wilton quarry set for Nov. 10

    By PAT CONWAY | Ontario

    On Nov. 10 at 6:30 p.m., there will be a community organizing meeting at Dorset Valley School Restaurant to plan action steps to stop the Wilton quarry. Dorset Valley Restaurant is located at 26147 Hwy. 71, outside of Wilton.

    At the meeting, we will develop the campaign to replace all three Wilton Town Board members in the spring elections.

    We will also look into a lawsuit against the Wilton Town Board for voting to approve the

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    Letter to the Editor: A decision-making tool


    Many years ago, I learned a technique for decision making. Useful for deciding a job change, buying a house, picking a college major, or even choosing or leaving a spouse. This is how it works:

    Take a sheet of blank paper, draw a horizontal line in the middle, and place a plus (+) above the top half and a minus (-) above the bottom half. All positive issues are placed in the upper portion and negatives in the lower.

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    Letter to the Editor: Natural beauty is Wilton area’s greatest asset

    By RANDY BALLWAHN | Madison

    An open letter to the Town of Wilton Board:

    I grew up in Wilton. I get it. Any time the area has an opportunity for economic development, it’s tempting to jump at it. But don’t forget that the natural beauty of the area, not the gravel underneath it, is your biggest asset. 

    I still come back several times a year. I bring my family, and sometimes we bring friends. We eat in local restaurants, drink in

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    Letter to the Editor: Happy dog teaches lessons relevant to local politics

    By TIM WELCH | Wilton

    Last Wednesday morning when I got up, the happy face of my dog reminded me that it was time for my next lesson.

    On Tuesday evening, I attended the public hearing of the Town of Wilton on the proposed Mathy quarry. Emotions ran high, and I heard many friends and neighbors passionately arguing their points during and after the meeting. It reminded me of the last few months and the

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    Letter to the Editor: Nerison is not a ‘moderate Republican’

    By DON FOY | La Farge 

    A recent article in a local newspaper described Lee Nerison, a representative for the 96th Assembly District, as a “moderate Republican.”

    Not at all. Nerison has voted with Speaker Robin Vos, who leads the charge for the Walker administration’s ALEC-inspired agenda, 437 out of 440 times. Vos is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a national organization of legislators and corporate representatives that crafts corporate wish-list laws: things like softening environmental requirements to minimize the consequences of resource

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    Letter to the Editor: The elephant in the room

    By ERIC ZINGLER | Kendall

    Michael Caruso, editor in chief of Smithsonian Magazine, stated in the April 2013 travel issue, “Tourism has become one of the most powerful, most influential and least-examined forces in the world. It produces $6.5 trillion of the global economy and employs one out of 12 people on earth.”

    He quotes Elizabeth Becker in her tourism investigative work “Overbooked,” in which she says, “In gross economic power, it is in the same company as oil, energy, finance

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