Book Review: ‘Confederates in the Attic’ explores ‘unfinished’ Civil War

Posted September 3, 2014 at 5:00 pm

By DAVE WESTER | For the County Line

“Confederates in the Attic” by Tony Horwitz is partly about Civil War history, or what some Southerners prefer to call the “War of Northern Aggression.” But the book is a lot more than history. It is an expose of a subculture known as Civil War re-enactors.

The author toured Civil War battlefields, talked with local residents, and participated in several “battles” with re-enactors. While re-enactors come from both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line, the book focuses on the South and on Southern culture because that is where most of the battles were fought.

We are probably all familiar with the adage “the South is still fighting the Civil War,” and having traveled somewhat in that part of

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    Letter to the Editor: Tobacco companies using new tactics


    Monroe County Safe Communities Coalition

    One of the fastest-changing industries is one of the most dangerous and overlooked: tobacco. While cigarette smoking rates have dropped, tobacco companies have new tactics and products to hook youth and young adults. These products include e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and flavored tobacco, often known as “OTP” (other tobacco products).

    These new products are still highly addictive and can cause serious health issues in the long run. They are not taxed like cigarettes;

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    Letter to the Editor: Follow the money in PSC transmission line hearing

    By PAT CONWAY | Ontario

    The Public Service Commission (PSC) is required by State Statute PSC 3.02 to award “Intervener Compensation” to groups or individuals who can’t afford to pay lawyers or experts to represent their issues of concern at the hearing on ATC’s Badger Coulee Transmission Line. 

    Clean Wisconsin, a group that supports the transmission line, and I, a person who opposes the transmission line, both submitted “Intervener Compensation Applications” to the PSC (see

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    LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Scott Perkins deserves your vote


    Retired Monroe County Sheriff

    Dear Monroe County voters,

    On Aug. 12, we will have the occasion to elect a new Monroe County Sheriff. There are two candidates running for the position, and I consider each of them to be a good friend. However, I am taking this opportunity to formally endorse Scott Perkins as the next Monroe County Sheriff.

    I worked with Scott for

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    Letter to the editor: Vote for Scott Perkins for Monroe County Sheriff

    By AL WRIGHT | Sparta

    I want to go on record and say that Scott Perkins is the right man for the job of Monroe County Sheriff.

    I’ve known Scott and his family for several years and feel his reputation speaks for itself. Scott’s 26-plus years at the sheriff’s department and 25 years with the Sparta Fire Department provides him insight, hindsight and foresight to run the sheriff’s department successfully.

    Scott has the

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    Letter to the Editor: Vote for Scott Perkins Aug. 1

    By CAROLYN KLEIN | Sparta

    I would like to highly encourage you to vote for Scott Perkins for sheriff of Monroe County on Tuesday, Aug. 12. He was one of the children who grew up in my neighborhood in Sparta, and I witnessed Scott mature and grow into a very dedicated and honorable member of our community, county and area. I’ve seen Scott rise through various progressions in leadership positions of public safety within the fire department and the police forces at

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    Letter to the Editor: Integrity and True Leadership = Scott Perkins

    By JANENE PERKINS | Westfield, Wis.

    Voters of Monroe County: The man you vote for in August should be the person who will be a working sheriff and one who knows the people of Monroe County. Scott will be the man who can and will lead the sheriff’s department by example.

    He has the respect from his coworkers and the people of Monroe County; therefore, the transition to sheriff will be easily made. A true leader has a vision and the drive to see it through. What makes leaders different is that they act and persevere despite any obstacles. Great leaders have

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